JN Global Care Ltd. is a domiciliary care company that specialises in offering specialised health and social care services to people with age-related conditions, mental health needs, learning disabilities, drug and alcohol dependence, physical disabilities, brain injuries, challenging behaviour, and services for children.
As an independent care organisation, we place a high value on providing individualised care to our service users in the comfortable setting of their own homes. Each person receives care and assistance that is specifically designed to meet their needs after a thorough assessment that may involve the local authority’s care manager. We provide services to both the public and private sectors, always putting the needs of our employees, clients, and their families first.
Our goal is to become recognised as a top-rated home care agency in London, known for offering great and specialised in-home care and support.


JN Global Care Ltd, a company founded in 2023, is committed to helping the communities in Northwest London, particularly the High Wycombe region. As an emerging business, we take pride in having kind employees who are willing to help customers with their everyday personal needs.
Our strategy is built on consideration and care, ensuring that we never go beyond the call of duty while consistently putting excellent value first. This ethos enables us to successfully encourage independence. We provide a wide range of care-related solutions in addition to our core services, such as hiring, professional qualification, training, development, home care, health, and social care.
We have a staff of highly competent care managers, coordinators, team leaders, and carers, and we have a comprehensive grasp of caregiving. This knowledge allows us to manage different care packages while providing top-notch service. Our coordination is improved by combining our diverse skills, our extensive knowledge, and cutting-edge technology.
We have a committed strategic management team in place to support employee development and effectively manage human resources. This all-encompassing strategy makes sure that our clients receive the best possible care from our skilled care providers on the ground.