We are offering a variety of care services to cater to the needs of kids and their families.

Overview of Children and Family Care

Our services encompass a wide range of support for kids and their families, including:

  1. Safely escorting kids between their home and educational institutions.
  2. Assisting kids and families in preparing for school or college.
  3. Encouraging kids to engage in various social and cultural activities, including shopping.
  4. Providing help with feeding and meal preparation as part of personal care.
  5. Offering support for attending various appointments, including medical ones.
  6. Organizing and facilitating community and home-based activities.
  7. Implementing therapeutic strategies, such as collaborative play and bedtime reading.
  8. Assisting families in creating daily activities and routines that promote well-being and growth.

To meet the unique requirements of children and their families, we are providing a range of care services. We provide comprehensive and well-coordinated in-home care for children and families. The service user can get complete family assistance with our in-home daycare. We offer a variety of care services for children who require in-home care to fulfil both their specific needs and those of their families.

Our comprehensive range of services for children includes:

  • Offering secure and flexible individualized services to children and their families, tailored to their specific needs, whether on a short-term or long-term basis.
  • Providing dedicated support to children with learning disabilities and difficulties, including those facing challenges such as autism, ADHD, and other psychological or developmental issues.
  • Delivering well-organized, structured, and age-appropriate activities to children in the comfort of their homes or at suitable public venues.

Our aim is to make certain that the care we provide benefits the children and their families. We consider a child’s physical growth as well as their capacity to develop the life-skills needed for social, emotional, behavioural, intellectual, and communicative development. Children continue to be the focus of our efforts, and they have the most influence on the support and care they receive. In our service planning, we prioritise the needs of the children, but we also acknowledge the importance of the parent(s) or guardian and the context of the family.

Our care staff is experienced in dealing with challenging behaviour, autistic spectrum disorders, demanding medical conditions, physical restrictions, and sensory impairment.

For a child with special needs, we can offer both short-term assistance and long-term care when a parent or legal guardian is undergoing treatment or recovering from an illness.