Dementia Care Overview

The dementia cares we offer:

  • Supports your loved one’s safety and tranquilly at home.
  • Encourages involvement.
  • Provides nutritious food.
  • Promotes social interaction.
  • Intellectually stimulating activities are offered.
  • Assists in reducing signs of variable behaviour and cognition.
  • Remember the senior’s prior identity.
  • Watches over daily operations
  • Supports the family.

Our care philosophy is centred on providing dementia care, which enables people with dementia to continue living safely and freely in their own homes.

In addition to providing training on dementia care, JN Global Care Ltd is developing a best practise training plan for carers. Our dementia training programme equips our carers to offer specialised memory care based on knowledge gained from research and experience. We concentrate on strengthening abilities, independence, and quality of life, restoring the dignity of the person living with dementia, rather than on the diagnosis and symptoms of the condition.

JN Global Care Ltd Carer can provide personalised care to each distinct client thanks to our relationship-based approach to dementia care.