Job Title:
Kickstart Support Worker
Accountable to:
Care Manager
National Minimum Wage
How to Apply:
Applicants for Kickstart Support Worker Jobs from the Kickstart Scheme must be between the ages of 16 and 24 and be claiming Universal Credit and in danger of long-term unemployment. You will discuss the Kickstart Scheme with your job coach from the DWP’s universal credit programme, and they will help you determine if it’s the right option for you. Direct applications for this employment cannot be made by the applicant.
We are providing care support to help the customer live as independently as possible. This assistance will come in the form of a Care Plan, which will be a personalised plan for each Client’s personal care and home management. As a result, care support obligations include offering the service user assistance with personal care or outreach services while always upholding and respecting their independence, privacy, and dignity to the fullest extent possible.
Personal care and support: As part of this service, a representative will visit the client’s home to help them get ready and get out of bed. You will utilise the proper equipment, such as a hoist, and you will be given the necessary training if a service user is unable to get out of bed.
Support for families and children: Interacting with children who display troublesome behaviours or learning difficulties is a part of outreach work. Families are supposed to benefit from a break and additional help from this work. It may be necessary to accompany kids from home to school and then from school back to home. visiting family homes and helping parents prepare their children for high school or college.
The outreach support may include a variety of activities that happen in their house or in the neighbourhood. This can be playing in their backyard or taking them to a park, theatre, shopping centre, or eatery. During the current lockdown, many activities were carried out at home, and carers spent time baking, watching television, and playing video games with the youngsters. Additionally, it could be important to spend time reading bedtime stories with some children and getting them ready for bed.
Some families also insist that the support worker attend all other appointments and hospital visits.
A sociable individual who takes pleasure in interacting with and helping others. ready to work both independently and collaboratively.
Although it is not necessary, level 1 English proficiency is preferred.
A strong, flexible mental aptitude as well as the ability to handle the physical demands of the position. Due to the nature of the role, some flexibility will be required.
Working hours will be from 10 am to 6 pm according to the timetable, or 25 hours each week. The work schedule is completely flexible from Monday through Sunday.
Every week, 25 hours overall, from Sunday through Monday. Following rigorous training, a senior support worker will shadow the new support worker to assist them in getting started as necessary.
Hourly Rate of Pay
National Minimum Wage
Note: All PPE is provided and is required.