Your family member might leave the hospital earlier and recover more quickly with our help.

We provide Personal Care

    • Taking a shower and a bath
    • Donning and removing clothing
    • Grooming, hair care, and shaving
    • Assisting with transfers and mobility
    • Assisting with therapies and rehabilitation
    • Continence support
    • Medication oversight
    • Assistive technology and help
    • Assistance with drinking and eating.
    • Making meals for you and going with you to community access and involvement events


A Summary of Personal Care

At JN Global Care Ltd, we deeply understand and value the desire of individuals to maintain their independence in their own homes. Our unwavering commitment is to provide dedicated assistance in achieving this goal. We acknowledge that each person’s needs are unique, and as such, we take great care in crafting personalized care packages for every customer. Whether it’s full-time home care, occasional visits for specific tasks, or short-term convalescence support, our services are tailored to meet your specific requirements.
The flexibility of our at-home assistance service allows us to adapt and modify the care plan whenever your circumstances change, ensuring you receive the additional help you may need.
Our compassionate care teams cater to a diverse range of individuals living in their homes. We have countless stories of the positive impact our workers make in the lives of our clients daily. At JN Global Care Ltd, we provide ad hoc and continuous personal care services to the elderly and disabled, offering the most comprehensive care outside of a hospital setting. Our commitment is to support you in living your life with dignity and independence, right where you feel most comfortable – at home.