We work to improve the daily lives and routines of the local community. We do have a responsibility to the people we deal with, and we want to help them progress their careers and earn new certifications.
In training and development, we take care of the people who use our services and assist in the career advancement and certification of our own staff members. The services we provide rely on our ongoing dedication to employee growth and training. It ensures that the people we assist will receive high-quality care, consistent service, and the retention of highly skilled, experienced staff.
The first day of training for our Care staff includes an acknowledged and well-respected induction session. This covers topics including first aid, caretakers, diversity, customer service, health and safety, and personal hygiene. All our new care workers shadow a seasoned team member before they are allowed to perform their own care visits. Their skills are kept current by routine refresher training, and there is always a group of people back at the branch who may offer additional assistance. We additionally support and encourage our staff members by offering them nationally recognised social care credentials. The long-term retention of our employees is important to us, and investing in their education is a crucial element of that. We’ll be by your side at every turn.
We’ll begin with the following courses:
    • Adults Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care (England)
    • Adults Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care (England)
    • Dementia Awareness Level 2 Certificate
    • Workplace Safety and Health
    • Firs Assist
    • Understanding the Safe Handling of
    • Health and Social Care Medication
    • Care certificate specifications
    • Customer Service Levels 2–3